Wednesday, May 25, 1983

Military Action:

Syrian planes fire 2 air-to-air missiles at Israeli jets on reconnaissance flight over northern Lebanon, no hits reported; Israelis deny Lebanese report that pilotless drone plane was shot down over Bekaa by SA-6 missiles, say that reconnaissance flights will continue; Phalange and Druze militias exchange fire south of Beirut.


1 IDF soldier killed, 14 injured when explosion damages troop bus in eastern Lebanon; Lebanese military prosecutor demands death penalty for pro-Iranian Lebanese Shiites charged with killing 6 Lebanese Army soldiers in March.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: MK Shulamit Aloni says over a period of years settlers in West Bank have committed many dozens of murders, assaulted and harassed Arabs, and committed hundreds of acts of vandalism all with backing of military government and former Defense Minister Sharon; Knesset votes 41-32 against motion calling for full parliamentary investigation of Jewish vigilantism in West Bank, Defense Minister Arens says only way of ameliorating legal situation in occupied territories is by applying Israeli law; police release suspect in grenade attack during February 10 Peace Now demonstration; Israeli Druze communities call for total strike to protest inability of IDF to halt Phalange-Druze battles in Lebanon; Arab local councils in Galilee and Triangle hold 2-hour strike to protest inclusion of Arab-owned land in jurisdiction of new Misgav regional council; Israel warns Syria not to play with fire after attack on Israeli jets; prototypes of Israeli-made missiles shown at International Aerospace show at Le Bourget, Israel Aircraft Industry spokesman says prototype of Lavi jet fighter will make first flight in February 1986; Israeli bus and car damaged by stones in West Bank; anti-Arab slogans written on walls near Bethlehem; security forces disperse residents of Hussan, in Bethlehem area, trying to stop Israeli surveyors.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Fateh Central Committee, meeting in Damascus, cuts off food, fuel and pay to dissident PLO forces, estimated to number 150-500; Lebanese Foreign Minister meets ambassadors of 10 countries contributing to UNIFIL, would like troops to be deployed in Chouf region.

Arab Governments: North Yemen opposes Israeli-Lebanon agreement, calls for immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops.

US and Other Countries: All European Community members except Greece support Israeli-Lebanese troop withdrawal agreement.