Monday, June 20, 1983

Military Action:

Syrian Army convoy ambushed on coastal road south of Tripoli; IDF tanks fire at Druze and Christian positions in Chouf as artillery duels continue.


3 to 7 Syrian soldiers, including 2 officers, killed in Tripoli ambush; Palestinian residents of Burj al-Shamali demonstrate for increased IDF protection against Phalangist militiamen following several murders last week; 2 injured in West Beirut bombings.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Political figures, trade unions, university students and women's organizations in West Bank and Gaza express public support for Arafat.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Fateh Revolutionary Council, with 40 of 73 members present, meets in Damascus, condemns mutiny, decides on formal inquiry into corruption, conduct of PLO officers during Israeli invasion of Lebanon, supports by-passing Fez plan in favor of military optioni; PLO officer and head of Palestine Research Center in Beirut detained by Lebanese authorities; report on Sabra and Shatila massacres by Lebanon's military prosecutor finds no responsibility on part of political and military leaders of Phalange Party, implies involvement of Haddad forces, assigns legal responsibility to IDF, recommends no prosecutions at present time.

US and Other Countries: Shultz and other officials discuss implications of IDF redeployment with national security adviser to Gemayel; Gemayel to visit Washington on July 22; EEC summit meeting votes to reopen links with Israel, unfreeze financial aid package blocked since invasion.