Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Two Palestinian men attack a synagogue in West Jerusalem, killing 4 rabbis and 1 Druze policeman, and injuring around 8 others. Policemen shoot and kill the 2 men. Later in the day, Israeli security forces raid the men’s homes in Jabal Mukabir, East Jerusalem, and arrest 12 of their relatives. Clashes break out between Palestinians and Israeli officers in the neighborhood, injuring 22 Palestinians with tear gas and rubber-coated metal bullets. More clashes erupt in Sur al-Bahir, Wadi al-Juz, and al-Tur. Israeli PM Netanyahu orders the punitive demolition of the 2 men’s homes, and adds additional border police in Jerusalem. (HA, JP, MNA, NYT 11/18; MNA 11/19, 11/20; ALM 11/21)

A 15-year-old Palestinian dies in a hospital in Turkey, succumbing to injuries sustained on 7/21 in Gaza during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge (OPE). (PCHR 11/20)

In the Gaza Strip, public servants in ministry offices, schools, and public universities begin a general strike, protesting the fact that their full salaries haven’t been paid for over a year. In the West Bank, Palestinians nr. Tulkarm protest the recent Israeli violence in Jerusalem, sparking clashes with IDF soldiers. Dozens of Israeli settlers attack a Palestinian school in ‘Urif village nr. Nablus in response to the killing of the 4 rabbis, and IDF troops injure 6 Palestinians with rubber-coated metal bullets, including a Reuters cameraman. Meanwhile, an Israeli settler shoots and seriously injures a Palestinian youth after a settler demonstration e. of Ramallah and Israeli settlers attack a Palestinian home s. of Nablus. Separately, settlers throw rocks at Palestinian vehicles nr. Nablus and Hebron. IDF troops shoot and injure a Palestinian in Baytin village nr. Ramallah. Also, IDF troops search the Hebron homes of 2 of the Palestinian men accused of kidnapping and killing 3 Israeli settler teenagers on 6/12; and raid Bayt Umar village. In East Jerusalem, Israeli settlers stab a Palestinian man on the street in Kafr ‘Aqab, moderately injuring him. Separately, Israeli minister of internal security Yitzhak Aharonovitch enters Shu‘fat r.c. and Palestinian youth throw stones and bottles at him. In the ensuing clashes with Israeli security forces, several Palestinians suffer from tear gas inhalation. Israeli forces demolish the home of the Palestinian man who was killed by police after driving a vehicle into a group of pedestrians on 10/22. Also, Israeli police arrest a Palestinian man on the charge of incitement after he posts videos and images to a Facebook page supporting violence against Israelis. (MNA, SAFA, WAFA 11/18; MNA 11/19; PCHR 11/20; JP 11/24)

Palestinian bus drivers working for the Israeli bus company Egged go on strike in protest of the death of their colleague on 11/16. Over 40 of them quit after Egged decides not to provide additional security. (IMEMC 11/19; AFP 12/4)

Reps. of Iran and the P5+1 (U.S., UK, China, France, Russia, and Germany) resume negotiations in Vienna over Iran’s disputed nuclear program, aiming to meet the Joint Plan of Action’s extended deadline of 11/24. In London, U.S. Secy. of State Kerry meets with Oman’s FM Yusuf bin Alawi, a mediator in the talks with Iran. (GDN, HA 11/18; AP 11/19; NYT 11/20)

The Spanish parliament passes a symbolic res. urging recognition of Palestine as a state after Israel and the Palestinians negotiate a res. to their conflict. (IHY, REU 11/18)