Sunday, June 26, 1983

Military Action:

Grenade thrown at IDF convoy near Sidon; IDF reports 4 other attacks on its positions over weekend; Syrian forces maintain encirclement of loyalist PLO positions.


2 IDF soldiers wounded in grenade attack.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: Grand Mufti of Jerusalem issues statement urging PLO rebels to support Arafat, promises martyr status to any Muslim who assassinates Assad; 700 West Bank representatives of student, professional, political and trade union organizations meet at Al-Aqsa mosque, criticize Syrian and Libyan intervention in Palestinian affairs, call on rebels to support present PLO leadership; Habib arrives in Israel for talks with Begin, Shamir, Arens, reportedly will seek to delay IDF redeployment until Begin-Reagan meeting on July 27.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat returns to Tunis; PFLP official calls Arafat expulsion from Syria an insult to the entire PLO; PFLP and DFLP, split since 1969, announce merger to enhance unity of PLO.

Arab Governments: Syria describes Arafat as a defeatist who has chosen the path of the wilderness.