Tuesday, August 2, 1983

Military Action:

IDF and Syrian Army exchange fire in Beqaa; heavy fighting between PLO factions, and between Lebanese Army and Palestinian forces of Col. Said Musa near Army's Baalbek base, Syrians intervene; IDF surrounds, occupies Phalangist barracks at Kfar Falus, east of Sidon, in effort to evict militiamen.


1 IDF officer killed by Syrian fire; 2 killed, 8 wounded in Baalbek fighting; Christian and Druze militias permit convoys of food and medicine to reach Chouf towns of Bhamdoun and Aley, blockaded for past 35 days; bombs explode in 5 shops selling Israeli goods in Ain al-Hilweh camp; IDF releases following statistics on effect of redeployment: it is withdrawing from 600 of 3,400 sq. km. it now holds, 200,000 of the 750,00 civilians in this total area will come under control of Beirut, IDF frontline will be reduced from 118 to 113 km; more than 100 Palestinian and Lebanese women at Prime Minister's office demand intervention to secure release of men presumably kidnapped by Phalangists at time of Sabra and Shatila massacre.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: 2 Birzeit students sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for participating in last week's demonstration over killing of Hebron students; IDF imposes curfew on Tulkarm-Nablus road after settlers wounded by shots near Anabta.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat asks OAU and Nonaligned Movement to intervene against Syrian and Libyan attacks on PLO; McFarlane meets Gemayel, then flies to Israel.

UN: US vetoes, Zaire abstains, 13 states support Security Council resolution that Israeli settlements in occupied lands have no legal validity and constitute major and serious obstruction to peace.