Friday, October 14, 1983

Military Action:

LAF and militiamen exchange artillery fire at Araya, east of Beirut; LAF positions in Burj al-Barajneh hit by sniper fire; Marines return fire in three-hour battle with gunmen after US positions at airport hit by snipers; loyalist Fateh forces in Tripoli police cease-fire between militias of IUM and Lebanese CP.


1 Marine killed, 1 wounded by sniper fire, US casualties since end of August are 5 killed, 43 wounded.

Political Responses:

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Amal and PSP militias suspend participation in cease-fire security committee.

US and Other Countries: Reagan meets McFarlane, senior administration officials, to review Middle East policy; Reagan and Shultz meet Gemayel's national security adviser in Washington; State Dept. reportedly has approved plan to convert military aid program to Israel from 50-50 loan-grant to all grant basis; State Dept. refused comment on reports that US has secret plan to equip two Jordanian brigades as mobile strike force.