Sunday, November 13, 1983

Military Action:

PSP and LAF exchange heavy artillery fire around Suq al-Gharb; sporadic exchanges of artillery and RPGs around Baddawi, cease-fire holds generally; IDF patrol fired on north of Zahrani.


Car bombs kills 2 civilians in South Lebanon village of Tibnin; 6 Israeli POW held by PLO in Tripoli moved to safety.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: 5 Jewish civilians enter Dheisheh camp, under curfew, shoot and wound 3 Palestinian men after breaking into house, IDF says those responsible were border police in plain clothes on undercover operation; Arens, dedicating new settlement near Hebron, calls on "Arabs of Eretz Israel" to negotiate coexistence with Israel.

Arab Govenments: Assad taken to hospital in Damascus, reportedly has appendectomy, tomorrow's meeting with Gemayel postponed.

US and Other Countries: Special envoy Rumsfeld arrives on first visit to Beirut, meets Gemayel; McFarlane warns Syria US will respond to fire at US aircraft over Lebanon, cites Grenada as example of US resolve to protect American lives.