Thursday, November 17, 1983

Military Action:

French jets from carrier Clemenceau attack positions of Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Islamic Amal militia, east of Baalbek; RPGs fired at French position in Beirut; fighting continues around Souq al-Gharb; pockets of Fateh loyalists continue to resist on fringes of Baddawi, shells fall in Tripoli; roadside bomb hits IDF patrol south of Sidon; US Marines begin 4 day rotation, 1400 new troops, veterans of Grenada invasion, to come ashore.


Lebanese police say 39 killed, 150 wounded in Baalbek air raid, several buildings destroyed; 1 IDF soldier killed, 5 wounded in Sidon explosion; Air France cancels Beirut flights until further notice; wave of arrests of civilians by IDF reported in South Lebanon.

Political Responses:

Israel/ Occupied Territories: 2 students wounded by IDF during Gaza demonstration; 4000-6000 dunums confiscated from Beit Ula near Hebron.

Palestinians/ Lebanese: Arafat says no one can liquidate the PLO, it is not a military base, his forces will fight to defend Tripoli against Syrian plan of conquest.

Arab Govements: Saudi, Kuwaiti and Qatari officials meet in Damascus with FM Khaddam, seek to mediate cease-fire in Tripoli.

US and Other Countries: France says air attacks are necessary to prevent new terrorist actions against French forces in Lebanon by intervening first; US says it had advance notice of French air raids.