Monday, September 14, 2020

In the West Bank, Israeli forces handed a demolition order for a Palestinian-owned house in al-Twana sheltering 10 people; 1 other resident in al-Twana received a stop-work order. Israeli forces also confiscated 1 Palestinian-owned bulldozer in Tulkarm. 3 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around Ramallah and Dura. In East Jerusalem, the Israeli supreme court ruled that 1 78-year-old man in Silwan could be evicted from his home after his landlord sold the house he was living in to the settler organization Elad. Israeli forces stormed the Bab al-Rahma area of the Haram al-Sharif compound. Israeli forces also delivered demolition notices for 1 mosque and the house of a Fatah official in Silwan. 2 Palestinian families started demolishing their own homes in Jabal Mukabir. In Gaza, Israeli forces arrested 1 Palestinian cancer patient at the Erez crossing as he was traveling to East Jerusalem for treatment. (AJ, WAFA, WAFA 9/14; HA 9/15; PCHR 9/17)

The Israeli settler that in July 2015 burned the house of a Palestinian family, killing 1 18-month-old and his parents and severely burning 1 other child, was sentenced in an Israeli court to 3 life sentences. (GDN, REU 9/14; AJ 9/15; JP 9/16)

The Unified Palestinian Leadership for Popular Resistance, an umbrella organization formed on 9/3 after a meeting between the major Palestinian factions in Gaza and the West Bank, including Fatah and Hamas, declared 9/18 a day of mourning over the normalization agreements between the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel. (WAFA 9/14)

Ahead of the signing ceremony on 9/15 formalizing the UAE and Bahrain’s normalization with Israel, PA prime minister Mohmmad Shtayyeh condemned the deal, calling it “a dark day in the history of the Arab nation and of the Arab League,” and further stated that, “[t]omorrow the Arab peace initiative dies, as will the Arab consensus.” He also said that his government has recommended to PA president Mahmoud Abbas that the PA reevaluate its relations with the Arab League. (AJ, HA 9/14)

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in Washington D.C. ahead of the signing ceremony for the normalization deals with Bahrain and the UAE on 9/15. His delegation notably did not include his coalition partners defense minister Benny Gantz and foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi. A spokesperson for the Qatari foreign ministry ruled out that Qatar would normalize relations with Israel before peace is made between Israel and Palestine. (HA 9/14; AJ 9/15)

The EU donated $600,000 to UNRWA to help contain COVID-19 in UNRWA-run refugee camps. (WAFA 9/14)