Thursday, December 11, 2014

In the Gaza Strip, a bomb explodes outside a Fatah-affiliated charity, lightly injuring 2 bystanders. Shipments of domestic-use gas into Gaza resume after a dispute between local officials and the PA unity govt. is resolved on 12/10. All public institutions, ministries, and charities go on strike in protest of the PA unity govt.’s failure to pay civil servants. Several civil society organizations coordinate cleaning campaigns in Gaza’s hospitals, as the sanitation workers’ strike continues for a 10th day. IDF troops stationed along the border e. of al-Bureij arrest 2 Palestinians attempting to cross into Israel. In the West Bank, 1,000s of Palestinians attend the funeral of Ziad Abu Ein in Ramallah. Palestinians gathered for the funeral clash with IDF troops in al-Bireh; 19 are injured from rubber-coated metal bullets. Meanwhile, over 100 Palestinians gather in c. Hebron to protest Abu Ein’s death, leading to 2 separate clashes with IDF soldiers. There are also demonstrations in Turmus ‘Ayya. During the day, Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinians at a checkpoints nr. Ramallah and Hebron. The IDF conducts arrest raids nr. Jenin and Hebron; patrols in Tulkarm and n. of Jenin. Late at night, unidentified assailants open fire on the home of an imprisoned Hamas MP in Hebron, causing damage. In East Jerusalem, Israeli forces violently disperse 100s of Palestinians gathered to protest Abu Ein’s death in Shu‘fat r.c., Issawiyya, al-‘Izzariya, and Silwan. They conduct late-night arrest raids and house searches in Jabal Mukabir, Wadi al-Juz, Ras al-Amud, and Issawiyya. Meanwhile, 75 new security guards are added to the security detail at Haram al-Sharif in response to King Abdullah of Jordan’s request. (MNA 12/10; HA, JP, MNA, NYT 12/11; IMEMC, MNA 12/12; TOI 12/13; PCHR 12/18)

UN Special Coordinator Serry holds talks with senior Hamas official Abu Marzuq at the UN building in Gaza City. Serry calls on the PA unity govt. to take on its responsibilities stipulated in the cease-fire agreements, specifically staffing the border crossings. Outside the UN building, dozens of Palestinians gather for a sit-in protest in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike. (MNA, TOI 12/11)

Egyptian pres. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi travels to Jordan to hold talks with Jordan’s King Abdullah. They discuss the draft UNSC res. that Jordan plans to introduce on behalf of the Palestinians before 12/25. Meanwhile, Jordan’s House of Deps. votes to cancel its 9/2014 gas agreement with U.S. company Noble Energy. The MPs oppose increasing Jordan’s economic ties with Israel, despite Jordan’s ongoing energy crisis. (JT, MNA 12/11; JP 12/12; NYT 12/14)

The French Senate passes a nonbinding res. inviting the govt. to recognize Palestinian statehood. The French parliament previously passed a similar res. on 12/2. Meanwhile, the Swiss govt. invites all states party to the Fourth Geneva Convention, which includes every UN mbr. and Palestine, to attend a summit on 12/17 to discuss the situation in the oPt. (AFP, AP, HA 12/11; WAFA 12/13)