Thursday, May 27, 2021

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers stole some 100 Palestinian-owned hay bales in Burin. Israeli forces shot and injured 3 Palestinians while traveling in the same car near al-Bireh. 12 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in Kafr Na‘im, al-Bireh, Askar refugee camp, and Sa‘ir; 2 Palestinian children were injured by rubber-coated bullets during a confrontation with soldiers in Askar refugee camp. In East Jerusalem, 10 Palestinians were arrested during raids in Jabal al-Mukabir and al-Tur. In Gaza, 1 Palestinian injured in Israeli air strikes in al-Bureij on 5/17 succumbed to his injuries, raising the comprehensive death toll since 5/10 from 259 to 260, including 67 children and 3 pregnant women. In Israel, 1 Palestinian guard at a construction site was severally beaten by 10 Jewish-Israelis in Binyamina. 1 firebomb was thrown at a house occupied by Jewish-Israelis in Lydda; no injuries were reported. (WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 5/27; HA, WAFA 5/28; PCHR 6/3)

Israel approved 560 new settlement units in the Mtsad settlement near Kisan. (WAFA 5/27; MEMO 5/28)

According to Middle East Eye, the PA has been arresting at least 14 critics of the government in the West Bank since 5/1, with the largest arrest campaign on 5/22. (MEE 5/27; AJ 5/28)

At a meeting in the Knesset, it was revealed that 1,892 Israelis had been arrested in protests and in confrontations and clashes between Palestinian-Israelis and Jewish-Israelis, and that only 183 of them are Jewish-Israelis. Israeli police dubbed its arrest campaign “Operation Law and Order.” Palestinian-Israeli lawmakers called the operation racist, saying it only targets Palestinian-Israelis. (AJ, HA 5/28; MEMO 5/29; AJ 6/1)

1 Palestinian-Israeli imam Shaykh Kamal Khatib, the deputy leader of the northern faction of the Islamic Movement in Israel, was charged with incitement to terrorism and identification of a terrorist organization. Shaykh Khatib was arrested on 5/16. Khatib’s lawyer called the charges a political persecution. (HA, MEE 5/27)

An Egyptian official said that Egypt had invited Israeli, Hamas, and PA officials to Egypt for separate talks about reinforcing the ceasefire and accelerating the rebuilding of Gaza. A Hamas official said that Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh would visit Cairo next week and that Hamas is ready to talk about a prisoner swap. The Israeli foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi is expected to meet the Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry as part of the talks. (ALM, AP, HA, HA 5/27)

Israel summoned the French ambassador to Israel after the French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian on 5/23 said, about Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory, that the “risk of apartheid is strong if we continue to follow a logic of one state, or of status quo.” (HA, MEMO 5/26; ALM, HA, HA 5/27)

A public opinion poll released by the Arab American Institute said that 51% of Americans are for restricting U.S. military aid to Israel. 62% of Democrats supported restricting U.S. military aid to Israel. The poll was conducted on 5/20, the day the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas was announced. (MEE 5/27)

The UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution to investigate the latest escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas and Israeli attacks on Palestinians in East Jerusalem. 9 countries voted against the resolution, including Austria, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Germany, Malawi, the Marshall Islands, U.K., and Uruguay. 14 countries abstained. Israel said it would not cooperate with the investigation. Hamas said its actions during the 11 days of violence were “legitimate resistance.” The U.S. said it opposed the investigation. The UN high commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet stated that Israeli attacks on Gaza may be war crimes and that rockets fired from Gaza were a violation of international law. Separately, the UN appealed countries to raise $95 million in aid to Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem. (AJ, AJ, ALM, AP, AP, HA, HA, HA, MEE, PCHR, REU, REU, REU, REU, REU, VOA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 5/27; ALM, MEMO, MEMO 5/28)

Japan announced $10 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza. (WAFA 5/27)

More than 600 prominent international musicians signed a calling Israel a “settler-colonial project committed to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population” and calling for a boycott of Israel. (HA 5/28; MEMO 5/29; WAFA 5/30)