Monday, April 17, 2023

In the West Bank, Israeli forces shot and injured 1 Palestinian woman, claiming she had stabbed and injured 1 settler near Beit Umar. Israeli forces also assaulted 1 Palestinian after forcing him to stop his vehicle near Jericho. 10 were arrested during late-night raids in al-Bireh, Bayt Rima, Dura, Bethlehem, Aida refugee camp, Tulkarm, and Asira. In East Jerusalem, 2 were arrested during raids. Off the coast of Gaza, Israeli naval forces arrested 4 Palestinian fishermen and seized their boats. (HA, WAFA, WAFA 4/17; WAFA 4/18; UNOCHA 4/20; PCHR 4/27)

The Israeli Border Control Administration denied entry to a Palestinian German teenager at Ben Gurion International Airport. She said she was verbally abused and threatened with violence before she was returned on a plane to Germany after being detained for 32 hours. The German ambassador to Israel Steffen Seibert condemned the incident. (HA 4/27)

PA president Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Jeddah for a visit where he will be meeting with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman on 4/18. Abbas was traveling with PLO secretary-general Hussein al-Sheikh and the head of the PA intelligence service Majed Faraj. (MEMO 4/16; ALM, HA, MEE, WAFA, WAFA 4/17; AJ 4/18)

Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh led a delegation of Hamas officials to Riyadh. The group was expected to meet with Saudi officials despite the visit being unofficial. (MEE, MEMO 4/16; HA, MEE 4/17)

It was reported that the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities instructed the PA to investigate the incarceration of 2 Israelis held by Hamas in Gaza, saying that both suffer from psychiatric problems, and to present its actions to the committee within 6 months. (HA 4/17)

Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang spoke to PA foreign minister Riyad al-Maliki and Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen in separate calls, informing them that China is ready to support the resumption of peace talks. Qin also expressed concern over the heightened tension between Israelis and Palestinians. (WAFA 4/17; AP, GDN, HA, MEE 4/18)

The EU, France, and Spain donated $29 million for payments to vulnerable families in Palestine through the National Cash Transfer Program. (WAFA 4/17)