Monday, August 17, 2015

In the West Bank, IDF troops shoot and kill a Palestinian man after he allegedly tries to stab an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint nr. Nablus, marking the 1st of such incidents this quarter. They also conduct late-night house searches and raids nr. Jenin, Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Hebron, arresting 8 Palestinians and issuing arrest summons to 3, and patrol throughout the West Bank. Israeli forces raze Palestinian agricultural land in Bayt Jala nr. Bethlehem and begin expanding the separation wall in the area, cutting residents off from their land and laying the groundwork for annexation. Around Jerusalem, Israeli forces demolish 22 bedouin huts and animal pens in the E1 area and 4 residential structures in bedouin villages nr. East Jerusalem. Nearby, Israeli forces arrest a Palestinian from Bayt Hanina who responded to an arrest summons. Israeli forces conduct 3 limited incursions into Gaza, leveling land nr. Rafah, al-Bureij refugee camp (r.c.), and Khan Yunis. Egyptian authorities open the Rafah border crossing for passage in both directions (they will keep it open through 8/20). (HA, MNA, WAFA, YA 8/17; HA 8/18; PCHR 8/20)