Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unidentified Palestinians fire a total of 6 Qassam rockets fr. Gaza into Israel in 3 barrages in the morning, afternoon, and evening, causing no damage or injuries. In retaliation, the IDF makes air strikes on 4 Hamas training facilities in Gaza City and Khan Yunis and on 2 smuggling tunnels on the Rafah border, causing no reported injuries. Israeli naval vessels fire on Palestinian fishing boats off the c. Gaza coast, forcing them to return to shore. In the West Bank, the IDF patrols in 3 villages nr. Ramallah and 3 nr. Salfit in the morning and in Jericho late at night. (YA 7/14; JP 7/15; PCHR 7/20; OCHA 7/22)

Inspired by the Arab Spring, 10s of young Israelis set up a tent camp on Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv’s high-end shopping district, to protest high housing costs (up 20% compared to summer 2010). (Guardian, HA 7/16)