Monday, May 9, 2011

The IDF patrols in Bayt Liqya, al-Bireh, Jericho, 5 villages nr. Tulkarm (randomly stopping vehicles and checking IDs in 1 instance), and 1 nr. Ramallah. During another late-night patrol in Kafr Qaddum nr. Qalqilya, the IDF temporarily detains 2 PASF officers conducting their own patrol but releases them after intervention fr. the local District Coordination Office. (OCHA, PCHR 5/12)

In Syria, troops escalate the crackdown nationwide: massive arrest sweeps rounding up men age 18–50 are reported in Baniyas, Homs, the suburbs of Damascus, and elsewhere, with govt. forces reportedly using soccer stadiums, schools, and govt. buildings as makeshift detention centers. As of this date more than 700 Syrians are believed to have been killed and 10,000 arrested since clashes began. (NYT, WP, WT 5/10; NYT 5/13)