Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the West Bank, the IDF seals Attara nr. Ramallah for 3 hrs. after troops discover a suspicious object during vehicle checks at the entrance to the village. The IDF conducts late-night raids, house searches nr. Qalqilya and Salfit and in Jenin town and r.c., but makes no arrests; a Palestinian whose house is raided reports money missing. The IDF also patrols and opens fire in Qabatya but makes no arrests and causes no injuries. Jewish settlers fr. Susia, escorted by the IDF, erect tents and set up electricity generators on an unauthorized settlement outpost site nr. Hebron that was dismantled by the IDF on 9/9. The Israeli High Court, ruling on a petition filed in 2003, orders the IDF to dismantle sections of the separation wall in Khirbat Jibara and Jayyus n. of Qalqilya, reinstating Palestinian access to 2,488 dunams (d.; 4 d. = 1 acre) of land. (OCHA 9/11; OCHA, PCHR 9/17; OCHA Humanitarian Monitor 9/09)

In Silwan in East Jerusalem, a Jewish settler shoots, wounds 1 Palestinian, also hitting 1 Palestinian teenager with shrapnel; the settler is arrested by Israeli police. The al-Aqsa Association reports that the Israeli authorities are digging a new tunnel under Silwan. (NYT 9/12; OCHA , PCHR 9/17; OCHA Humanitarian Monitor 9/09)