Friday, September 11, 2009

The IDF makes an incursion into al-Bureij r.c. in central Gaza, detaining a Palestinian (who is released on 9/12). (PCHR 9/17)

In the West Bank, the IDF patrols Qalandia r.c. nr. Ramallah, firing rubbercoated steel bullets, sound bombs, tear gas at stone-throwing Palestinians who confront them, wounding 1 (possibly a bystander); fires rubber-coated steel bullets, sound bombs, tear gas at Palestinian and international activists taking part in a nonviolent demonstration against the separation wall in Ni‘lin (10s suffer fr. tear gas inhalation) and at Palestinian activists, some of whom throw stones at IDF troops, taking part in a demonstration against the separation wall in Bil‘in (injuring 2); conducts late-night raids, house searches nr. Nablus, Jenin, and Salfit, arresting 5 Palestinians. (PCHR 9/17)

On the 3rd Friday of Ramadan, the IDF continues to enforce age restrictions announced on 8/23 limiting Palestinian access to Jerusalem for prayers; an estimated 190,000 Palestinians enter the city, but as a result of intense crowding at Qalandia checkpoint, many other “qualified” Palestinians are prevented fr. entering, and 80 people (primarily women and children, and 20 of whom are hospitalized) are injured. (PCHR 9/17; OCHA Humanitarian Monitor 9/09)

Unidentified assailants fire 2 Katyusha rockets (the 1st in 6 mos.) fr. Lebanon into Israel, causing no reported damage or injuries. In retaliation, the IDF fires at least 14 missiles toward the port of Tyre and sends fighter jets across the border; no casualties are reported in either attack. (NYT, WP 9/12; JPI 9/24)