Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An ailing Palestinian dies while waiting to exit Gaza to receive medical treatment in Egypt. (OCHA 11/09)

In the West Bank, IDF troops raid a café in Tubas and question a number of the customers; conduct late-night raids, house searches in and around Jenin and in Qalandia r.c. s. of Ramallah, arresting 2 Palestinians. Israeli security forces arrest Jewish settler Yosef Spinoza of Shvut Rachel settlement on charges of collaborating with Yaakov Teitel (arrested on 10/7). (PCHR 11/5; JPI 11/12)

Late at night, the Israeli navy intercepts a ship nr. Cyprus carrying 600 tons of weapons allegedly en route fr. Iran to Hizballah. Israel claims the containers of rockets, guns, and other ammunition, bearing Iranian insignia and carrying Iranian export documentation, were loaded in Egypt and headed to Syria for land transport to Lebanon, but says that neither the ship’s crew nor the Egyptians who loaded the cargo knew that the containers held arms. Iran and Syria officially deny the claims. (NYT, WP, WT 11/5; JPI, WJW 11/12)