Monday, June 1, 2009

In the West Bank, the IDF removes several tiny settlement enclaves nr. Nablus, including Nahalat Yosef. In response, around 100 Jewish settlers fr. nearby Gilad, Keddumim, and Yitzhar rampage through Palestinian areas, burning large plots of Palestinian olive trees and crops, blocking roads, and ambushing a minivan of 15 Palestinian workers (beating and seriously injuring 6). The IDF also conducts late-night arrest raids, house searches in Ni‘lin, nr. Jenin. (NYT, PCHR, WP, WT 6/2; OCHA, PCHR, WJW 6/4)

Israeli DM Barak arrives in Washington for meetings with U.S. officials aimed at defusing the settlement freeze dispute. (National Public Radio 6/1; NYT, WP, WT 6/2; WJW 6/4; WJW 6/11)