Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Israeli naval vessels intercept a Palestinian fishing boat off the Rafah coast, arresting 4 Palestinians (including 2 teenagers). Late at night, the IDF enters Abasan in s. Gaza, arresting 1 Palestinian man. In the West Bank, the IDF makes a rare daytime incursion into Araba village nr. Jenin, searching several homes but making no arrests; conducts late-night arrest raids, house searches in and around Jenin town and r.c., in ‘Askar r.c. and Balata r.c., and nr. Hebron and Salfit. Palestinian sources report that in the previous wk., the IDF has leveled large tracts of land s. of Qalqilya (including uprooting 400 olive trees) in preparation for separation wall construction. The IDF informs residents of the Palestinian village of Azun Atma, nr. the separation wall s. of Qalqilya, that they must obtain special permits fr. the Civil Admin. to be able to travel in the area; informs residents of 4 villages s. of Tulkarm that as of 4/1, the IDF will close the sole gate in the separation wall that gives them access to village farmlands located between the wall and the Green Line. (PCHR 3/26; OCHA 3/31, 4/1; PCHR 4/2)