Saturday, June 14, 2008

An IDF helicopter fires on a group of Hamas mbrs. in Bayt Hanun, causing no injuries. Later, Hamas mbrs. fire 4 rocketpropelled grenades at an IDF patrol along the Gaza border e. of al-Maghazi r.c.; the IDF later sends bulldozers into the area to level land, clear lines of sight. Hamas mbrs. fire 3 mortars fr. Gaza toward Israel, causing no damage or injuries; IDF troops inside Israel direct heavy machine gunfire at the launch site, causing no reported injuries. The IDF also conducts a 2d day of land-leveling operations inside the Gaza border e. of al-Maghazi. In the West Bank, the IDF patrols in, fires on residential areas of Dahaysha r.c. and al-Duha village nr. Bethlehem, then fires on stone-throwing Palestinians who confront them, wounding 4; conducts latenight arrest raids, house searches in and around Nablus, and in Jenin town and r.c. (raiding a local lawyer’s home, confiscating computers and files). (PCHR 6/19)