Tuesday, December 11, 2007

UN officials report that Israel has now reduced daily fuel imports to Gaza by 20% and that, as a result, some 400,000 Gazans have lost (or have only limited access to) safe drinking water because of lack of fuel to run pumps, water treatment facilities, and generators; vaccinations and medicines have spoiled at some hospitals because of inconsistent power to run refrigerators. Overnight, the IDF sends some 30 tanks and APCs supported by helicopters and warplanes into s. Gaza border areas, allegedly to look for rocket-launching sites, clashing with Palestinian gunmen, killing 3 Islamic Jihad mbrs. and 3 PRC mbrs., wounding 13 Palestinians (including 5 civilians), rounding up all males age 15–50 for questioning, detaining 10s, demolishing 1 Palestinian home, bulldozing 133 dunams (d.; 4 d. = 1 acre) of land before withdrawing late in the evening. The IDF also makes 2 air strikes on rocket-launching sites in n. Gaza, killing 2 Palestinians. In the West Bank, the IDF demolishes a Palestinian home in Jerusalem’s Old City; raids the offices of several media outlets in Nablus (including Afaq TV, al-Nahar, al-Quds) accused of “supporting terrorism,” confiscating computers and documents, and clashing with local gunmen, wounding 3. Separately in Nablus, 1 AMB is killed when explosives he is handling detonate prematurely. (WT 12/11; OCHA, WP 12/12; PCHR 12/13; WP 12/15)