Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The IDF makes an air strike on a Hamas training facility nr. Jabaliya r.c., killing 2 Hamas mbrs.; fires at least 4 missiles at another empty training facility in al-Mawasi, destroying it; sends ground troops into areas nr. Jabaliya, shooting and wounding 1 Palestinian. In Nussayrat r.c., 3 Islamic Jihad mbrs. are killed when a bomb they are making explodes prematurely. In the West Bank, the IDF sends undercover units into Ramallah to ambush, assassinate AMB mbr. Omar ‘Abd al-Halim, wounding 5 bystanders; sends undercover units into Kafr Dan nr. Jenin to ambush, assassinate Islamic Jihad mbr. ‘Id Hisham Khalil; makes arrest raids in and around Jenin town and r.c. (fatally shooting Muhammad Marai‘, who announced a wk. ago the formation of a new Fatah splinter group, the Martyr Abu Ammar Brigades, in what may be an assassination) and in Nablus (detaining Fatah PC mbr. and PA General Intelligence Nablus head Jamal Tirawi, 3 others), Tulkarm r.c. (al-Haq press release, NYT, OCHA 5/30; NYT, PCHR, WP 5/31)