Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Unidentified persons shoot and kill an Israeli settler driving near Nablus. After the shooting, the IDF imposes a partial lockdown on the Nablus region, setting up mobile checkpoints and conducting raids in nearby villages. Israeli settlers throw stones at Palestinian vehicles in the area, lightly injuring 4 Palestinians. Meanwhile, IDF troops violently disperse Palestinians gathering in al-Bireh and along Gaza’s border near Khan Yunis to protest U.S. pres. Trump’s 12/6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; 1 Palestinian is injured. Two more Palestinians are injured in unrelated clashes in Tuqu‘ near Bethlehem. IDF troops also arrest 3 Palestinians during raids near Hebron and Jenin, and patrol near Tulkarm and Hebron throughout the day. Off Gaza’s coast, Israeli naval forces open fire on Palestinian fishing boats near Jabaliya refugee camp, injuring 1 Palestinian (6 fishermen are arrested and 2 boats are confiscated). Along Gaza’s border, the IAF sprays herbicides on Palestinian farmlands near Khan Yunis and Dayr al-Balah, and Israeli forces shoot and injure a Palestinian near Rafah. (HA, MNA, TOI, WAFA 1/9; EI, HA, MNA 1/10; PCHR 1/11)

Israeli forces conduct air strikes and fire ground-to-ground missiles at a Syrian army depot near Damascus overnight, according to the Syrian army. Syrian defense systems prevent a number of additional strikes, but the attack still causes moderate damage. (HA, TOI 1/9)