Thursday, January 25, 2007

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad mbrs. fire on an IDF observation post on the border e. of Khan Yunis, sparking an exchange of fire that causes no injuries. Egyptian forces blow up 2 smugglers’ tunnels on the Rafah border. PA security forces discover, detonate a sophisticated roadside bomb nr. the border fence e. of al-Maghazi r.c. In the West Bank, the IDF fatally shoots a 17-yr.-old Palestinian during an arrest raid in Tulkarm r.c.; sends an undercover unit into Tulkarm town in a van with Palestinian license plates, fatally shoots a wanted Palestinian who attempts to escape; patrols in Qalandia r.c., firing on stone-throwing youths who confront the troops, wounding 1; conducts arrest raids, house searches in ‘Ayn Bayt al-Ma’ and nr. Hebron, Nablus. In Gaza, 1 AMB mbr. is shot execution style in n. Gaza by Hamas gunmen who blame the AMB for the death of one of their mbrs.; later 2 ESF mbrs. are killed by a roadside bomb in the same area; shots are fired at FM Zahhar’s home, causing no injuries. Fatah mbrs. kidnap 9 Hamas mbrs. in Gaza; Hamas retaliates by kidnapping 5 Fatah mbrs. In Ramallah, AMB mbrs. angry at Abbas’s Presidential Guard for expelling them fr. the Muqata‘a fire on the diplomatic missions of Canada, China, Germany, causing no injuries. (MM 1/26; NYT 1/26, 1/27; WT 1/28; OCHA 1/31; PCHR 2/1)