Monday, September 11, 2006

In Gaza, an IDF drone fires missiles at a car driving in Rafah in an attempt to assassinate an Islamic Jihad mbr., missing the car and damaging 2 houses but causing no injuries. In an air strike, the IDF demolishes the home of a Hamas mbr. in Gaza City, severely damages several surrounding homes, wounding 4 Palestinians; sends special forces in to al-Shuka, raiding a PA security office, detaining 3 PA security officers for several hrs.; sends troops into Dayr al-Balah reportedly in search of a smugglers tunnel, conducting arrest raids and house searches, demolishing 1 Palestinian home, bulldozing 50 d. of agricultural land and 2 wells but apparently not finding a tunnel. In the West Bank, the IDF conducts arrest raids, house searches nr. Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah; demolishes a poultry farm nr. Jenin to make way for the separation wall. A Palestinian teenager is killed in a mysterious explosion nr. Ramallah. Rafah begins receiving electricity fr. Egypt from a 5 MW electricity cable. (OCHA 9/13; PCHR 9/14)