Monday, July 18, 2005

The IDF fires on Palestinians waiting to cross the Abu Huli crossing, killing a 15-yr.-old Palestinian boy; raids a student center in Ramallah run by an Islamic Jihad mbr., confiscating 3 computers, several cell phones, arresting 6 Palestinians; conducts arrest raids, house searches in al-Bireh and nr. Qalqilya, Tulkarm; patrols in Aida r.c., Dura (firing on stone-throwing children who confront them, injuring 2); fires on residential areas of Jayyus nr. Qalqilya. A 9-yr.-old Palestinian girl is killed in a mysterious explosion in Gaza. Palestinians fire 10s of mortars at Jewish settlements in Gaza, lightly injuring 3 Thai workers, 1 Jewish settler. The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s (DFLP) National Resistance Brigades fire 4 mortars at the Erez crossing, causing no damage or injuries. More than 20,000 Israeli protesters demonstrate in s. Israel against disengagement. In light of recent clashes with Hamas, the PA bans the display of, begins removing all factional flags fr. public spaces in Gaza, saying “only the Palestinian flag will remain.” The PA also bans PA employees fr. criticizing the PA. (AFP, PRCS, XIN 7/18; IDF Radio, Israel Television Network, VOI, YA 7/18 in WNC 7/19; HA, WP, XIN 7/19; OCHA, PR 7/20; PCHR 7/21; CSM 7/26)