Sunday, March 27, 2005

The IDF for no apparent reason severely beats 3 Palestinians in 3 separate incidents at checkpoints in Hebron; beats, detains a 50-yr.-old Palestinian at a checkpoint outside Tulkarm after a prolonged interrogation; issues military orders for 40 residents of Nahalin village nr. Bethlehem to vacate their 4,000 d. of land nr. the Gush Etzion bloc within 45 days for construction of the separation wall. An Israeli guard patrolling a separation wall construction site near Bayt ‘Awwa fires on, injures a Palestinian who accidentally strays too close to the area. Jewish settlers fence off a piece of Palestinian land in Silwad nr. Ramallah for expansion of Ofra settlement. (IMEMC 3/27; OCHA, PR 3/30; PCHR 3/31)