Sunday, January 30, 2005

The IDF fatally shoots a 60-yr.-old Palestinian who strays into a closed military zone nr. the Rafah-Egypt border; issues notices to residents of al-Jib northwest of Jerusalem that 2,362 d. of their land is slated for confiscation for construction of the separation wall; bulldozes at least 50 d. of agricultural land s. of Hebron (on top of at least 90 d. bulldozed in the previous wk.) apparently to turn the land over for Jewish settlers’ use; conducts arrest raids, house searches in al-Mawasi. Jewish settlers fr. Suissa settlement nr. Hebron uproot 300 Palestinian olive trees in neighboring al-Mu‘in. (VOI 1/30 in WNC 1/31; NYT 1/31; PCHR 2/3)