Saturday, September 11, 2004

The IDF pulls troops out of n. Gaza, ending a 4-day operation that left 8 Palestinians dead, 100 wounded, 10,000s without electricity or water, 50 Palestinian homes demolished or severely damaged. The IDF further restricts Palestinian movement in the n. Jordan Valley; imposes curfews on Asira and Qussin nr. Nablus; fires on residential areas of Tulkarm r.c. and town; conducts arrest raids, house searches in al-Duha nr. Bethlehem, Hebron, Iktaba nr. Tulkarm, Silwad; detains a Palestinian paramedic at a checkpoint outside Tulkarm for several hrs. Palestinians fire 2 mortars at Netzarim settlement in s. Gaza, damaging 1 house, lightly injuring 2 soldiers. A Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. (HA, JP, MENA 9/11 in WNC 9/14; WP 9/12; PRCS 9/13; PR 9/15; PCHR 9/16)