Monday, September 13, 2004

The IDF assassinates senior AMB Jenin mbr. Mahmud Abu Khalifa (whom it tried to assassinate on 8/30), wanted AMB mbrs. Amjad and Yamin Abu al-Hayja in a missile strike on their car Jenin; shells agricultural areas nr. Netzarim (injuring a Palestinian woman working her field), residential areas of Rafah; raids a dorm at Ramallah’s Education College, interrogates students; conducts arrest raids, house searches in al-Aza r.c., Dahaysha r.c., Nablus and neighboring Kafr Khalil, al-Zahiriyya nr. Hebron, al-Qarara. Late in the evening, the IDF shells residential areas of Rafah nr. the Philadelphi Route, destroying 1 Palestinian home and a 4-story apartment building, leaving 53 Palestinians homeless. A Hamas mbr. dies of injuries received in the 9/7 IDF strike on Gaza City, bringing that toll to 15. In Nablus, some 100 AMB mbrs. set fire to the home of PA police officer Hamas Hajat (who along with his family is in hiding) in revenge for his killing of an AMB mbr; the house is destroyed, no one is injured; some 100 PA policemen observe the arson but do not intervene. (PRCS 9/13; VOI, VOP 9/13 in WNC 9/15; WP, WT 9/14; PR 9/15; PCHR 9/16; MEI 9/24)