Monday, September 12, 2016

In the West Bank, IDF troops conduct raids in Qusra village nr. Nablus, sparking clashes with stone-throwing Palestinians; 4 Palestinians are injured. Israeli forces reseal the entrance to a junction nr. Hebron 1 day after reopening it. An Israeli military bus driver rams and injures 2 Palestinian youths nr. Hebron, according to Palestinian witnesses of the incident. Late at night, 2 Israeli soldiers mistakenly drive into Tulkarm using the GPS navigation app Waze. Residents throw stones at the 2 soldiers, lightly injuring both. The IDF and PASF coordinate their exit from the city. IDF troops arrest 3 Palestinians for throwing stones and paint cans at an Israeli settler bus in al-‘Arub r.c. nr. Hebron. (MNA, YA 9/12; MNA 9/13; PCHR 9/22)

In a joint press conference with Luxembourg’s PM Xavier Bettel, Israeli PM Netanyahu says that the proposed meeting between himself and PA pres. Abbas, which was 1st planned for Cairo and then Moscow in recent weeks, may now happen in Luxembourg: “[Bettel] has invited me to Luxembourg, and he said the Palestinians might also come there; therefore, it’s either Moscow or Luxembourg.” (JP 9/12)