Monday, December 8, 2003

The IDF imposes curfews on Salfit, 6 surrounding villages; fires on residential areas of Khan Yunis, wounding a 10-yr.-old Palestinian girl inside her school; conducts arrest raids in Aida r.c.; seals a Palestinian home in East Jerusalem. Palestinians fire a mortar at Gaza’s Gadid settlement, causing no damage or injuries. A Palestinian prisoner who suffered a stroke in Israel’s Megiddo prison on 12/4 dies; the PA says that he was healthy when he entered prison, that Israel was negligent in delaying his transportation to a hospital. (VOP 12/8 in WNC 12/10; VOI 12/9 in WNC 12/11; PR 12/10; PCHR 12/11)

Palestinian factions end a round of cease-fire talks in Cairo, with the factions refusing to adopt a unilateral cease-fire but expressing a “general readiness” for a comprehensive cease-fire involving Israel. (MENA, QA, VOP, al-Zaman [London] 12/8 in WNC 12/10; AYM 12/8, al-Quds 12/9 in WNC 12/11; MM, WP 12/9; MM 12/10; QA 12/11 in WNC 12/16; QA 12/12, AYM, SA 12/14 in WNC 12/16; al-Quds 12/18 in WNC 12/23; MEI 12/19)

The UN General Assembly (UNGA) passes a nonbinding resolution calling on the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague to issue an advisory opinion on the legality of Israel’s separation wall. (HA 12/8; ITAR-TASS, VOP 12/8 in WNC 12/10; HA, MM, WP 12/9; JP 12/9 in WNC 12/10; PR 12/10; THWR 12/12 in WNC 1/16; MEI 12/19)