Tuesday, October 14, 2003

The IDF sends troops back into Rafah in what is officially called Operation Root Canal 2, demolishing 10 more Palestinian homes, wounding 4 Palestinians, including a Palestinian photographer shot in the face. International aid organizations note that since 10/10 the IDF has cleared 2 full blocks of homes in some neighborhoods to create an empty zone along the Egyptian border. Amnesty International says the Israeli destruction “constitutes a war crime.” The IDF also sends troops into Tulkarm town and r.c., imposing a curfew, fatally shooting a Palestinian who fails to obey orders to halt, firing on residential areas, arresting 4 ISM volunteers; conducts arrest raids, fires on residential areas in Nablus; conducts arrest raids, house searches in Hebron. Israel announces plans to expel to Gaza 15 West Bank Palestinian administrative detainees, mbrs. of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. (AP, BBC, MM, PRCS, WP 10/14; MENA, PSCT, VOI, VOP 10/14 in WNC 10/16; NYT, PR, PRCS, WP, WT 10/15; PCHR 10/16)