Thursday, July 17, 2003

The IDF says that a 21-km section of the separation wall around the n. and s. of Jerusalem should be completed by the end of 7/03. The IDF sends tanks, troops into Ramallah, occupying buildings surrounding Arafat’s headquarters, conducting searches, withdrawing after 2 hrs.; fires on residential areas of Rafah, wounding 1 woman; places a curfew on Tulkarm; bulldozes 2 Palestinian homes in Bayt Rima. Shin Bet arrests 2 Jewish settlers on charges of “security crimes against Palestinians,” places a gag order on the case. (HA, PMC 7/17; HA 7/18; WT 7/19; MM 7/21; JP 7/23 in WNC 7/25; PCHR 7/24)