Wednesday, May 7, 2003

The IDF fires on residential areas of Khan Yunis, fatally shooting an 18-mo.-old Palestinian child playing outside his home; fatally shoots a Hamas mbr. scouting, according to Hamas, a n. Gaza Jewish settlement for an attack; fatally shoots a mentally disabled Palestinian nr. Khan Yunis when he allegedly fails to obey orders to stop when approaching an IDF roadblock. Wanted senior Hamas mbr. Amin Manzalawi is killed in a mysterious explosion in Zawata; Hamas claims the IDF assassinated him. An IDF vehicle hits a civilian car in Tulkarm, killing 1 Palestinian, injuring 2. A group of 20 armed Jewish settlers attack 10 Palestinian farmers, 2 Israeli and 5 international peace activists plowing a field nr. Eli settlement; IDF soldiers intervene, tell Palestinians and internationals to leave. Jewish settlers break ground for 72 new housing units in Beit El. (HA, ISM press release 5/7; NYT, PCHR 5/8; PR 5/14; PCHR 5/15)