Sunday, June 25, 2000

Arafat, Israeli chief negotiator Ben-Ami hold a 5-hr. mtg. on final status issues, a possible 3-way summit. (WT 6/27; NYT 6/29)

PM Barak dispatches Justice M Yossi Beilln to Cairo to ask Pres. Mubarak to urge Arafat to take part in a 3-way summit on final status with Israel, the U.S. (YA [Internet] 6/26; NYT 6/29)

In Jerusalem, arson severely damages a Conservative synagogue in what Israeli police believe to be the 4th in a string of attacks on Conservative and Reform institutions stemming fr. tensions btwn. the non-Orthodox and the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox establishments. (NYT, WP 6/26; WT 6/27; HA [Internet] 6/29; WJW 7/13; WJW 8/3; JP 8/4)