Tuesday, September 3, 2002

IDF tanks fire shells at 2 Palestinians “moving suspiciously” near Brakha settlement, killing them. The IDF raids a Palestinian radio station in Nablus, confiscating all equipment; demolishes a Palestinian house in Rafah without warning, while its residents are sleeping (6 are injured before they manage to flee); fires on residential areas of Ramallah; raids, demolishes an Islamic charitable society orphanage in Bayt Awla nr. Hebron that houses 300 children under 12. Jewish settlers seize a Palestinian house in East Jerusalem, nr. Jabal Mukabir, claiming they own the structure, which will be the basis of a new enclave. (JTA 9/3; LAW, PCHR, Radio Tariq al-Mahabbeh [Ramallah], WP 9/4; MEI 9/13)

The Israeli High Court rules that the government can banish to Gaza the West Bank relatives of Palestinians accused of staging attacks on Israelis only in "extreme cases" where "that person, by his own deeds, constitutes a danger to the security of the state." The ruling argues that such forced transfer constitutes "assigned residence" under Articles 41 + n43 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, is there for legal under international law. The court thus upholds an 8/12 military court order to expel to Gaza for 2 yrs. the brother, sister of senior AMB mbr. Ali Ajuri (assassinated 8/6/02) for allegedly aiding in the staging of the 7/17/02 Tel Aviv bombing; overrules an order to expel another Palestinian for lending a car, food to his brother, Naseer Assida, without knowing he was (allegedly) plotting the 7/16/02 ambush of a settler bus; Assida has not been captured. (HA, JP, MM 9/3; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/4; MM, WJW 9/5)