Sunday, September 22, 2002

Under pressure fr. the U.S., Israel halts demolitions in the PA's Ramallah compound, though soldiers maintain the siege and raise an Israeli flag atop the remaining building where Arafat and his men are holed up. 1,000s of Palestinians defy curfews across the West Bank to protest for a 2d day, demonstrations also continue in Gaza. In Balata r.c., the IDF fires on a group of Palestinian, international protesters killing a 14-yr.-old Palestinian boy. The IDF also bulldozes 9 dunams of land nr. Kefar Darom settlement. In Tel Aviv, 200 Israeli peace activists protest IDF actions in Ramallah. (GS, PM 9/22; ATL, MENA, RFI 9/22, JT 9/23 in WNC 9/23; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/23; LAW, PCHR 9/25; MEI 9/27)