Friday, October 18, 2002

After a yr. of gunfire, stone-throwing, physical assaults, vandalism by local Jewish settlers, 150 Palestinian residents of Yanun in the West Bank evacuate their village, move to neighboring Aqraba, marking the 1st time that harassment by settlers has forced out an entire village; Yanun's mayor says he has protested settler violence to the Israeli authorities for 4 yrs. without results. The IDF withdraws to the outskirts of Jenin; sends tanks, bulldozers into Gaza City to demolish the Gaza harbor offices, a road linking Gaza City to the central Gaza Strip; fires on residential areas of Khan Yunis; bulldozes 10 dunams of Palestinian land nr Aley Sinai settlement, 2.5 dunams in Dayr al-Balah. A Hamas mbr. detonates a roadside bomb, throws grenades at an IDF post nr. Dugit settlement in Gaza, injuring 2 IDF soldiers before being shot dead. Some 200 Jewish settlers return to Havat Gilad, which the IDF has begun dismantling; troops to do not attempt to disperse them. Jewish settlers uproot 92 olive trees in al-Khadir. (HA 10/18; AP, GS, HA, NYT 10/19; NYT, PM 10/21; AYM 10/21 in WNC 10/23; MA 10/21 in WNC 10/25; LAW, PCHR, PR 10/23; MEI, MM 10/25)