Monday, October 28, 2002

The IDF fatally shoots a 16-yr-old Palestinian boy in Tulkarm r.c.; halts an ambulance outside Jenin, detains 2 Palestinian dialysis patients returning fr. treatment (1 blind; 1 paraplegic, wheelchair bound) on suspicision of being wanted men, releases them after 10 hrs.; fires on Palestinian nr. Bayt Hanun, wounding 2; demolishes 7 Palestinian homes (1 in Jenin, 3 in Jenin r.c., 3 Rafah); bulldozes greenhouses in Rafah; raids a school in Jenin, arresting a school guard for not having an ID (confiscated by IDF in 6/02); digs trenches around Jenin, Nablus to prevent Palestinians fr. leaving or entering except through 3 IDF checkpoints. Palestinians fire a rocket fr. Gaza into Israel, causing minor damage outside a school, no injuries. Jewish settlers at Havat Gilad attack and chase off nearby Palestinian olive pickers, steal what olives they have picked, harvest the grove for themselves. Late this evening, the IDF raids, shuts down Havat Gilad outpost again (see 10/25). (JTA 10/28; MA 10/28 in WNC 10/29; NYT, WP, WT 10/29; LAW, NYT, PCHR 10/30; HA 11/2; HA 11/6)

Labor leader Ben-Eliezer says he would vote against Sharon’s proposed 2003 budget unless $150 m. in funds for Jewish settlements are shifted to social services. Sharon accuses Ben-Eliezer of cynically maneuvering to win reelection as Labor party head in party voting on 11/19; threatens to dismiss Labor party MKs fr. the coalition government, force early elections if they vote against. (NYT 10/29; NYT, WT 10/30)