Monday, July 15, 2002

In Qalqilya, IDF soldiers chasing curfew breakers toss stun grenades into a building, sparking a fire that kills 1 Palestinian. The IDF fatally shoots a 2d Palestinian during an arrest raid in Bayt Lahia; bulldozes 4 dunams of Bayt Lahia farmland nr. Dugit settlement; raids the Ramallah offices of the largest Palestinian Internet service provider, PalNet, disabling email, Internet access; conducts house-to-house searches in Hebron. (UPMRC, WT 7/16; LAW, PCHR 7/17; LAW 7/19)

In Alexandria, Ben-Eliezer confers with Mubarak, reportedly presents a "Gaza First" plan, which has not been endorsed by Sharon. Mubarak also meets with PA Local Government M Saeb Erakat; there is no evidence that Ben-Eliezer and Erakat meet. (MM 7/15; MENA 7/15, QA 7/16 in WNC 7/17; MM, NYT, WT 7/16; WT 7/17; JPI 7/26; MM 7/29)