Monday, March 11, 2002

The IDF raids Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza, killing 18 Palestinians, injuring 10s. Another 6 Palestinians are killed elsewhere, including 2 killed in the ongoing incursion into Qalqilya, where soldiers conduct predawn house-to-house searches. IDF troops are also reported in Gaza's Bureij refugee camp, the West Bank's Amari r.c., Beitunia. The IDF bulldozes the Jabaliya house of the family of a Palestinian gunman who killed 5 settlers on 3/7; blows up several workshops the IDF claims manufactured mortars, rockets; shells Gaza sites fr. the sea. To date, the IDF reportedly has rounded up over 2,000 Palestinian men aged 15-45 in the refugee camps, writing numbers on their arms to facilitate their processing; only 6 of those detained were on Israel's wanted list; many have been released (e.g., 66 of 500 detained in Tulkarm are still being held). Sharon says Arafat may leave Ramallah, but forbids him to travel outside the West Bank, Gaza. (AFP, AP, HA, HP 3/11; AFP, AP, BBC, HA, MM, NYT, WP, WT 3/12; MENA 3/12 in WNC 3/13; MENA 3/12, al-Quds 3/13 in WNC 3/14; LAW, MM, WP 3/13; MEI 3/22)