Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Palestinian collaborator Murad Abu al-Asal detonates a suicide bomb nr. Taibeh, Israel, injuring his 2 Shin Bet handlers. A 2d Palestinian dies of injuries received on 1/21. The IDF conducts arrest raids in Bethlehem, East Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramallah, and Tulkarm, detaining 9 Palestinians fr. Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP; shells residential areas of Tulkarm. (HA, MM, PCHR 1/30; NYT, WT 1/31; MA 1/31 in WNC 2/4; LAW 2/6)

The Israeli cabinet approves the Enveloping Jerusalem plan. (WP, WT 1/31) (see 1/28)

The Palestinian woman who carried out a suicide bombing on 1/27 is identified as Wafa Idriss, a Red Crescent volunteer medical worker who reportedly was distraught over the Palestinian casualties inflicted by the IDF. Most recently, a boy she treated, who had been shot by the IDF and left in a coma died, on 1/25. AMB claims she was "one of our female fighters," but family and friends say she had no connection to the group; she also was not religious, never attended al-Najah University. Her brother, Khalil Idris, is a local Fatah leader wanted by Israel. (AP, REU 1/30; HA, NYT, Red Crescent press release, WP 1/31; SA 2/2 in WNC 2/4; WT 2/3; JP 2/8; WP 2/9; NYT 2/11)

Sharon meets secretly in Jerusalem with Qurai`, PA senior negotiator Mahmud Abbas, Arafat economic adviser Muhammad Rashid, marking his 1st mtg. with PA officials since his election in 2/01; reportedly says he accepts the idea of an interim agmt. along the lines of the Peres-Qurai` plan, with implementation taking 7 yrs. (XIN 2/1, AYM, al-Ra'i 2/2 in WNC 2/4; NYT, WP, WT 2/2; AFP, JP [Internet] 2/3; MM, NYT, WT 2/4; AYM 2/4 in WNC 2/6; WP, WT 2/5; MA 2/9 in WNC 2/11)

Ben-Eliezer meets with Egyptian pres. Husni Mubarak in Sharm al-Shaykh, says Israel currently sees no partner for peace on the Palestinian side, asks Egypt to inform Damascus that Israel is ready to renew peace talks with Syria. (HA, MM 1/30; MENA 1/30 in WNC 1/31; WT 1/31; MM 2/1; MENA 2/5 in WNC 2/6; MM 2/7)