Monday, September 10, 2001

At least 60 IDF tanks take up positions outside Jinin, shell residential areas, killing 1 PSF officer and wounding 4 in what Palestinians fear is the 1st stage of a major retaliation for the 9/9 Nahariya bombing. The IDF also enters PA-controlled areas of Gaza City; shells residential areas of Rafah; reinforces positions outside Nablus, Tulkarm; conducts arrest raids in al-Arub, Bayt Qad. Jewish settlers place caravans on a new site east of Kefar Darom; dig trenches, topple electricity poles in the Palestinian section of Hebron. Overnight tonight, the IDF seals the PA intelligence and security offices in Azariyya, a DFLP office in Abu Dis. (HP 9/10; BBC, MM, NYT 9/11; MEI 9/14; LAW 9/20; MEI 9/28)

Powell phones Peres twice to press Israel to move ahead with cease-fire talks with Arafat. Israel, the PA discuss the issue throughout the day, agreeing that Arafat and Peres could meet as early as 9/11 but differing over the venue. Talks are suspend around midnight without agreement. (AFP, HP, MM 9/10; AFP, AN, MA, MENA 9/10, MENA 9/11 in WNC 9/12; NYT 9/12, 9/13)