Sunday, November 11, 2001

Addressing the UNGA, Arafat welcomes Bush's 10/2 and 11/10 comments in support of a Palestinian state, reiterates the PA's desire to resume peace talks with Israel and willingness to confront "international terrorism," requests an international monitoring mechanism for the West Bank and Gaza. Powell meets separately with Arafat, Peres. (AFP, AP 11/11; MM, NYT 11/12; MM 11/14; MENA 11/18 in WNC 11/19)

A Palestinian gunman kills an Israeli security officer in the Israeli village Kefar Hess, nr. the West Bank border. A Palestinian dies in a mysterious explosion in Bethlehem. A 2d Palestinian dies of injuries received on 11/9. Jewish settler driving nr. Hebron hits, seriously injures an 82-yr.-old Palestinian man. Armed Jewish settlers fr. Hebron enter the Palestinian village of Halhul, vandalize property, fire in the air, throw stones at cars, assault residents. Jewish settlers, under IDF protection, move caravans and electrical generators to a new settlement site outside Jinin. The IDF confiscates, bulldozes 10s of dunams of land in Jabi', n. of Jerusalem, for annexation to Adam settlement. The IDF also bulldozes Palestinian agricultural land along the Gaza border, nr. Bayt Hanun; directs heavy machine gun fire at residential areas of Bayt Lahia, Khan Yunis; tightens the closure on Hebron. (HP, PMC 11/11; AFP, NYT 11/12; MM 11/13; PCHR 11/15)