Sunday, April 29, 2001

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue. A Palestinian suicide bomber detonates a car bomb nr. a Jewish settler school bus in the West Bank, killing himself but causing no other injuries. Palestinians also fire 2 mortars at a Kefar Darom settlement in Gaza. Inside the Green Line, Israeli police find, safely detonate a bomb in Netanya. The IDF shells a PSF office in Gaza, residential areas of Khan Yunis; bulldozes Palestinian land in Khan Yunis; conducts an arrest sweep in Jalazun. Jewish settlers set fire to a Palestinian olive grove in Salfit, destroying 50 trees. (WP 4/30; LAW 5/4)

Arafat orders the popular resistance comms. to disband and their mbrs. (most of whom are Fatah mbrs., some of whom are PSF officers) to "return to their original security positions," calls senior PSF officer Yasir Zanun (a Fatah mbr. and a leader of the resistance comms.) in for questioning, has the PSF arrest Hamas spokesman `Abd al-`Aziz Rantisi for statements accusing Arafat of treason for resuming security talks with Israel. Fatah tanzim leader Barghouti, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP strongly oppose disbanding the resistance comms. (WP 4/30; AYM 5/1 in WNC 5/3; WJW 5/3; SA 5/3 in WNC 5/4; MEI 5/4 WP 5/7; MEI 5/18)

Israeli FM Peres presents Israel's response to the Jordanian-Egyptian proposal to Mubarak in Cairo, Jordanian FM Khatib in Amman. Egypt, Jordan say they will study Israel's reservations and proposed changes, but they are not willing start a new process of "talks about talks." (MENA 4/29 in WNC 4/30; HA, NYT, WP 4/30; HA, MM 5/1; AYM 5/1 in WNC 5/3; MM 5/2; MEI, MM 5/4)