Thursday, November 16, 2000

Israeli-Palestinian clashes enter their 50th day, with the internal closure on Palestinian towns in the West Bank still in place. Israeli PM Ehud Barak tells Israelis to prepare for a protracted conflict, threatens to escalate actions against Palestinians. To pressure the Palestinian Authority (PA), Barak suspends plans to transfer $64 m. in taxes and customs duties owed the PA to cover salaries and regular expenses. Overnight, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) shells Fatah offices in Hebron, Jinin. During the day, IDF troops fatally shoot 4 Palestinians, fire on a Palestinian police station. 1 of the 4 Palestinians dies while the IDF blocks an ambulance crew fr. reaching him for 2 hrs. Inside Israel, Israeli Arabs clash with Israeli police officers nr. Sakhnin, leaving 1 demonstrator slightly injured. IDF West Bank cmdr. Brig. Gen. Benjamin Gantz warns that he "could probably wipe out Bayt Jala in a matter of hrs." Jewish settlers uproot a Palestinian olive grove nr. Ramallah, fire on Palestinian cars nr. Zatariyya Junction, injuring 2. (AFP [Internet], MENL, MM 11/16; LAW, NYT, WP 11/17; AIC 11/20; NYT 1/17)

In Gaza, U.S. special envoy Dennis Ross meets with PA head Yasir Arafat to discuss ways of halting the ongoing violence, resuming peace talks. (HA, WP, WT 11/17; MEI 11/24)

Hizballah claims responsibility for setting off a small bomb in the disputed Shaba` Farms area of the Golan Heights, slightly injuring 1 IDF soldier. The UN condemns the attack, expresses concern. (AFP [Internet] 11/16; MM, NYT, YA 11/17; MEI 11/24) (see 11/15)