Saturday, December 9, 2000

In a surprise move, Barak announces he will resign on 12/10, call elections for PM only within 2 mos. Barak thus triggers a law that restricts candidates in a special election for PM to current MKs, thereby keeping Likud's Netanyahu, who leads Barak's by 15 points in pubic opinion polls, out of the race. Netanyahu would only be able to run if the Knesset dissolved itself, forcing general elections. (MENA 12/9, AYM, MENA, RL 12/10 in WNC 12/13; HA, MA [Internet], NYT, WP, WT, YA 12/10; HJ 12/10, al-Quds 12/11, DUS 12/12 in WNC 12/14; MM 12/11; WJW 12/14; JP 12/15; AYM 12/15 in WNC 12/21; MEI 12/22) (see 11/28)

Israeli-Palestinian clashes abate due to severe weather that keeps many people indoors. 1 Palestinian dies of injuries received earlier. In Hebron, 80 Jewish settlers, armed with machine guns and pistols, attempt to take over 5 Palestinian homes, damage 11 homes, open fire on Palestinians, seriously injuring 1 teenager. The IDF bulldozes 20 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Netzarim Junction, 7 dunams (including 1 home) nr. Gush Katif settlement. (LAW 12/9; NYT, WT 12/10; PCHR 12/18)