Sunday, January 14, 2001

Israel breaks off talks with the PA after a Jewish settler, missing since 1/13, is found fatally shot in nr. Khan Yunis. The IDF reseals the Gaza Strip, closing the Rafah and Qarni crossings, shutting the airport, cutting water and electricity to Khan Yunis, and reblocking Gaza's main north-south road. Jewish settlers rampage through areas of Khan Yunis, setting fire to Palestinian homes, fields, greenhouses; demolishing irrigation systems; vandalizing other Palestinian homes; shooting guns into the air. The IDF does not intervene for 90 mins. In the West Bank, IDF troops fatally shoot 1 Palestinian. Israeli forces raid a Palestinian home in Sawahara al-Gharbiyya, arrest 4 Palestinians, including a 14-yr.-old girl. (AP, HA, MM, NYT, WP, YA 1/15; XIN 1/15 in WNC 1/18; HA 1/16; LAW, YA 1/16; al-Quds 1/16 in WNC 1/20; al-Quds 1/17 in WNC 1/19; WJW 1/18; JP, MEI 1/26)